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1. Amp-hour rating for the battery you have chosen. (Reading at 20 hour rating)
2. Voltage rating for the battery you have chosen.

3. Enter the depth of discharge for the battery you have chosen. This provides a safety factor so that you can avoid over-discharging your battery bank. (50% = 0.5)
4. Average winter time ambient temperature your battery bank will experience. (Not outside temperature)

5. Nominal voltage rating for the system you have chosen.

6. Enter your daily watt-hour requirement.
Use our Load Evaluation Calculator to find this number.
7. Maximum number of consecutive cloudy weather days expected in your area, or the number of days of autonomy you would like your system to support


8. Total battery capacity you will need.

9. Number of the strings wired in parallel.
10. Number of batteries wired in series.
11. Total number of batteries required.